DVD - Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping (13 lessons)
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In Japan, there is a spiritual and cultural aspect to wrapping gifts and objects.  The concept of wrapping is more than to protect or decorate, it is also a reflection of the traditional Japanese sense of beauty.  With this DVD The Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping – you will learn quick and easy wrapping techniques that will make your presents a gift from the heart.

Taking inspiration from Japanese style, learn the secrets to wrap your gifts beautifully with our easy step-by-step techniques.  You’ll find these methods fast, easy and truly elegant.

On The Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping:

  • Use layers of coordinating papers for a simple, elegant style you’ll use over-and-over again.
  • Step-by-step instructions for the classic Japanese wrapping on an angle (same method Vicky demonstrated for Martha Stewart)
  • Learn how to tie MIZUHIKI paper cords to give your gift that unique Japanese touch.

Plus: special techniques to wrap unusually shaped objectssoft wrap for a baby blanket or a sweater

  • super-quick kimono-style wrap for a wine bottle
  • elegant solution for a round canister.

Bonus:  an introduction to a traditional Japanese square cloth called “FUROSHIKI” and the inspired methods to wrap a gift, or to wrap and carry bottles of wine.

Your teacher is Vicky Mihara Avery, award-winning origami instructor and specialist in Japanese paper crafts.  Vicky is the third-generation in her family to promote and share the experience of Japanese paper crafts.  Recently made guest appearances on Martha Stewart, the Carol Duvall Show, and Good Morning America.  Vicky has also been an invited lecturer and instructor at museums, festivals and origami conferences around the country.